Architecture & Development Services

Custom Application Development allows you to automate your unique business processes and develop specialized solutions as required, especially when packaged software does not sufficiently address your requirements. VitalBPO has the experience and skills to develop the solutions your business requires.

Application Development outsourcing ensures that geographical boundaries no longer impede your growth. We help you remain in step with the market by continuously improving your information technology-based business solutions. For this, we use appropriate software development platforms, latest project management techniques and software engineering practices in conjunction with ISO 9001 and CMMI industry standards.

Being an IT company, technology plays a key role in all operations of our organization. We plan ahead, explore, acquire, train and implement technology within our systems and remain abreast with latest advancements in information technology. Our technical domain expertise proves helpful in understanding your existing or anticipated business processes and in tailoring solutions to fulfill your requirements.

Our customized solutions act as a bridge for features that are unavailable in most commercial packaged applications. We offer full integration services, as well as maintenance and support, giving clients cost effective options for deployment and ongoing management of their software solutions.

VitalBPO Application Development services outline the solution for your business needs by eliciting requirements, designing a scalable and high performance solution architecture, developing prototypes for demos to the user and then building the actual solution. The solution is then checked to ensure defect-free delivery of the application, after which it is implemented and supported in your business process.

At VitalBPO we use a combination of structured and object-oriented methodologies during analysis and design. The deliverables from all phases of this process generate the functional requirements, technical documentation, project schedules, and performance / estimation metrics which ensure successful delivery of the product. This is made possible by effective implementation of our predefined processes and structured techniques; our strong commitment to quality management and rigorous program management processes.

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