Testing And Validation

Software testing has changed tremendously over the last two decades. Previously, IT applications were used only within the confines of IT departments of organizations. With the internet, availability of real-time information to the customer has gained considerable precedence. Organizations largely depend on the accessibility, consistency, timeliness and security of applications along with ease of use and user friendliness.

Today, businesses demand rapid delivery and constant feature enrichments at an extremely economical and profitable price. There is just no room for outages in applications that run your enterprise. This extensive emphasis on software quality has transformed testing from an unfocussed and low priority process to an important strategic phase of the development cycle.

Outsourcing of testing primarily offers substantial business benefits. For this reason, numerous software companies are now focusing on developing software, and outsourcing its validation. Advantages of outsourcing include independent evaluation leading to confidence in delivery, shortened time to market, lower infrastructure investment and ample time to formulate better solution designs. Independent Testing brings a new perspective on software problems and risks by ensuring quality, interoperability and usability of your products.

No compromise on quality is our bottom line assumption. We exercise quality in every discipline at every level of the organization. Our quality service reflects a positive image on our clientele. All of our teams, individuals share the responsibility to assure that a quality product is delivered to the customer.

VitalBPO solution teams include testing experts with close domain know-how and the ability to shape independent testing solutions across all industries. We offer solutions that combine the rigor of corporate and project quality requirements with the need of the real world to curtail development costs and time-to-market. This guarantees a flexible, compliant, swift and yet detailed approach towards testing, verification and validation.

VitalBPO is committed to quality orientation and stablishing an independent, process based Quality Assurance department. Every product goes through extensive testing lifecycle with different levels of testing, after the implementation phase. Our solutions offer 24 / 7 development test cycles, and at the same reduce costs through optimal combinations of onsite and offsite resources.

Independent Testing and Validation services inĀ VitalBPO can give you access to not just the brass tacks of software validation, but also the strategic and planned time lines that are required to back them up. Consequently, your software is consistently faultless, coming up to and at times even exceeding expectations.

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