VitalBPO has always promoted high standards of ethical performance and professionalism. We place a high value on practicing what we preach and encourage our people to commit to and live by principles that have gotten us, where we are, today. Our beliefs have always been reflected in our day-to-day business and are a basis of every decision and action.

We believe in communicating our values, vision and performance, clearly to our employees and customers; therefore, maintaining an environment that promotes teamwork, integrity, visibility, accountability and commitment to quality.

We value our ability to honor our commitments to all our stakeholders and partners. Our business strategy plays a significant role in their growth and success thus binding us together in a stronger relationship with them. Commitment to quality has always been the driving force behind all initiatives undertaken by our organization.

Our vision is to be the leading technology service provider in the global market. VitalBPO operates responsibly and delivers outstanding value to its clients. VitalBPO‘s aim is to maintain the highest standards of business conduct and world-class treatment of its clients.

VitalBPO‘s Corporate Responsibility Principles

  • We will carry out our business according to high ethical standards.
  • We respect internationally accepted legal principles, and obey the laws of countries in which we do business.
  • We respect the privacy rights of our employees and our clients.
  • We promote a work environment of equal opportunity for all employees, and treat our employees in a non-discriminatory manner.

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